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Julia excelled in all aspects of education. She obtained many academic achievement awards including public speaking, English, physical education, and mathematics. She was gifted with a natural talent but still worked hard to achieve excellence.

She was incredibly hardworking and always made sure to help her fellow classmates. Julia excelled in public speaking and impacted others with her emotional and powerful messages sent across through her speeches.

Education is the key to the future

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We at the foundation firmly believe that education is the key to the future. Our foundation hopes to encourage youth to follow their dreams and earn the education they desire to fulfill their passions and be the change needed in the future.
We strive to encourage young people to remain in school and earn the degrees that can give them the best future possible. We hope to promote youth with the desire to acquire knowledge from their youths until their early adulthood. We aspire to encourage reading from a very young age as we believe that literature results in youth development, knowledge and insight. We also hope to motivate people to keep learning, no matter what age, as we strongly believe education is something that can enrich one’s life.
Julia had a passion for sports and was actively involved in sports throughout her life. Since the age of 4 years old, she had a true talent for soccer, a sport that continued for her all the way until she passed away. She also took part in numerous team sports in elementary and high school, including soccer, basketball, football, track and field and cross country running. Team sports were something that she especially loved taking part in as she created tight bonds and made countless memories with her teammates.


As a captain of many of her teams, Julia got to spread her love for sports with her teammates and was a positive leader who always looked out for her peers. After graduating high school, she continued to exemplify her great love for sports as she became a passionate and dedicated basketball coach for her high school.
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She shared her love and dedication for basketball, her favorite sport, with a team of young grade 7 girls, always motivating and encouraging the players with her leadership and positive character. The happiness and hard work she demonstrated through her love for sports was certainly noticed and will be remembered by all those who witnessed her give it her all on the field and put her heart and soul every time she stepped foot onto the court.


At this foundation, we are strong advocates of physical activity’s role in encouraging physical, mental and social growth.


That is why we heavily promote sports as a vital and essential way for youth to stay active, be healthy, and make friendships.

However, it is heartbreaking that not all children have equal access and opportunity to take part in the sports they love. Through Julia’s love for sports, this foundation hopes to give all children the opportunities to take part in the sports they love, develop their skills, follow their passions and be part of a team where they can prosper, have fun, create memories and develop tight bonds.





Being healthy means many things.

To Julia, that involved both mental health and physical health. Julia always cared for others, but also took the time to take care of herself when she needed to. For Julia, health was all about balance, which meant working hard, but also enjoying life and taking the time to rest when needed.
There are so many people who do not have access to adequate healthcare. Therefore, they cannot take care of themselves and be the best they can be.
We also know that in the healthcare field, there are always new medical advancements that can help save lives on a daily basis. Therefore, we hope to support a variety of different healthcare initiatives including research, clinical trials, specialized equipment, and supportive measures for patients. There are many barriers that prevent people from getting the care that they truly need. We hope to make a difference in this domain. We also hope to help individuals and companies who do not have the adequate funding to receive the proper care and medicine they need to live healthier and longer lives.
Advances in medicine are the key to the future, which is why at the foundation, we hope to be able to help support advancements in research in several medical domains for all those who need it.
Julia was a natural born leader who served as a positive example for all those around her. She never failed to guide, support and motivate her fellow friends, teammates and players, and always made sure to integrate passion, love and genuine care in all she did. As a captain of many sports teams as well as a basketball coach to young girls, she was able to exemplify both her leadership skills and positive character that radiated to all those around her. She never failed to encourage others while always maintaining a positive outlook on every situation she was faced with.

Julia was also a leader in her personal life. She was the driving force among her friends and family, always uniting her loved ones in celebration. Her positive attitude and joy she radiated in others’ lives was an example for those around her. Many people went to her for advice as she always knew how to give the best advice and guide people in the right direction. Every day, the happiness, dedication and love she radiated as a leader inspires us all to become leaders of our own. Her leadership serves as an example for all those lucky enough to have had her as a leader.

Providing youth with leadership skills allows them to gain the confidence they need to be their best selves and develop the abilities to lead others. It allows children and adolescents to learn what it is to have responsibility and collaborate with others. These are essential qualities that Julia obtained that can make the world a better place.

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Therefore, we want to encourage youth to make the future a brighter place by taking action and gaining the skills needed to make a difference in the lives of others.

Providing youth with leadership skills allows them to gain the confidence they need to be their best selves and develop the abilities to lead others. It allows children and adolescents to learn what it is to have responsibility and collaborate with others. These are essential qualities that Julia obtained that can make the world a better place.




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Julia was an active member of the community.

She was very involved in the extracurricular activities of each school she attended, and was also an active young member of our city in general. She participated in team sports, volunteered at many community organizations, and even won a grant for the organization Coco’s Place, which provides support to parents and promotes integration of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). She played soccer and basketball with the community as well as with her school, and often volunteered at camps and fundraisers for her club of Soccer St-Laurent.

She also volunteered to coach youth sports teams, including a basketball team of young girls. She had numerous teammates, colleagues, classmates, and acquaintances who looked up to her and who she made an impact on.
We will provide food, books, supplies, and other necessary items to those who need it most, while also giving gifts to children who may benefit from the joy of the holiday season.
Julia was someone who loved to be around people, meet new people, and have the chance to learn from them. Her aspiration to meet new people, learn new cultures and discover new places enticed her to take part in a student exchange trip to California in grade 10. She gained a lot of independence taking part in the trip, met a lot of people, and broadened her intellectual capacity by learning new cultures and practices. Julia’s goal was to always find ways to make the community a better place, even in the smallest ways. Therefore, we at the foundation hope to support and empower a wide variety of communities by providing them with the tools they need to function at their very best.

We plan to work collectively with local organizations to aid causes who we feel can benefit from our help. In addition, we will help local sports clubs, youth organizations, and shelters in whichever ways they deem need it most.